George Carlin’s New Album

REVIEW: George Carlin – I Kinda Like It When a Lotta People Die.

On September 9 and 10, 2001, the great George Carlin recorded a comedy special that was to air shortly after on HBO. As with most of George’s material, it contained some dark social commentary, some of which revolved around the premise of him “kinda liking it when a lotta people die,” which was also the title of the special.  The world-changing events that took place the very next day rendered the special impossible to air – for fairly obvious reasons – and much of the other material found its way onto a re-filmed special called Complaints and Grievances. Carlin seemed rather fond of both the bit and the title, and so planned to reuse it in a 2004 special. Then Hurricane Katrina hit.

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The Holding Steadcast #2

Episode 2 – Reviewing the Review of the Review.

We spoil the crap out of Stranger Things (again), review the review about our review, and unintentionally break the world record for saying ‘fuck’ in a 60 minute period.

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Swans Just Too Strong

The AFL Semi-finals are usually a pretty good lesson in why a top 4 finish is so important. Sure, those Doggies broke the mould on Friday when they upset the Hawks, but in fairness, that game was always going to be played at the MCG, regardless of who finished where. As for this game, where Adelaide had to travel to Sydney despite winning last week (and the Swans losing last week), the final position in the 8 proved to be pretty important. Boy oh boy wowee, they’ll be thinking about that West Coast loss in round 23 all through the off-season

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Hawks Lose

*Guest Post by Windy Dill.

In a game that will long be remembered, football’s greatest rivals of the last decade went head-to-head in the weekend’s first qualifying final. The result was determined by the final kick of the night with Hawthorn’s Isaac Smith missing his set shot after the siren, handing Geelong a two-point victory and a preliminary final spot.

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The Giants Crush The Swans

The Premiership race has been thrown wide open, with a stunning finals debut from GWS in the first ever ‘Battle of the Bridge’ final. Despite going into the game as firm favourites for both this game and the flag, Sydney just didn’t have the answers to the Giants relentless pressure and precise foot skills.

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The Holding Steadcast – #1

Episode 1 – Just The Tip

Hosts: Jay, Matt, Chris

In our first ever debut episode number 1, we chat about how awesome Stranger Things is, about how much people who haven’t seen Stranger Things suck, and philosophise about binging Vs. Week-to-week viewing.

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The Streaming Wars

Netflix vs. Stan vs. Presto. We run our eye over Australia’s ‘Big 3’ streaming services

The exciting and genre-changing new world of streaming television has officially been available in Australia since early 2015, which when you think about it, isn’t that long at all. Yet in the world of digital media and mobile apps, 18 months can be an entire product lifecycle. 18 months, can see a modern tech company rise, fall, be superseded, be acquired by somebody else and get a new branding makeover. So how have the domestic streaming products held up in their short (but long) life thus far? Are we getting anything close to the service that international viewers get? Have our domestic products come close to competing with the superpower of Netflix?

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Joe Rogan’s Double Double Header

After a period of much-deserved holiday, The Joe Rogan Experience bounced back with 4 massive episodes over two days.

Have you ever wondered how much Bulletproof coffee, kale smoothies, Alpha Brain, whiskey and weed you would need to produce 4 three-hour podcasts over two days? Well if you have, maybe you should ask Joe Rogan.

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