When a Podcast Becomes a Prophecy

Wil Anderson and Charlie Clausen started an AFL podcast with a backdrop of them lamenting their own team’s lack of success. But For Wil – and his beloved Bulldogs – it proved to be a masterstroke.

As we reviewed earlier in the year, the rather small but popular niche of ‘Comedic AFL Podcasts’ got a new player for season 2016, when Bulldogs fan Wil Anderson and Saints fan Charlie Clausen started their latest podcast venture “Two Guys, 1 Cup.” The premise was simple; the two teams they supported had only ever won one premiership each in 100 years, and it sucked to be a supporter of those two clubs. The clever play-on-words in the title not only gained this site some rather hilarious (and I’d suggest disappointed) search traffic, it is now somewhat of a contentious issue, because the Bulldogs have doubled their premiership tally, so the title doesn’t work the same way it used to.

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Footy Goes To The Dogs

The Bulldogs pull off the fairiest fairytale that ever fairied.

So, in case you got kidnapped and placed in solitary confinement with no access to the outside world by rebel guerrillas (or even actual gorillas,) I’ll let you know the news about the Western Bulldogs winning this year’s premiership.

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Bulldogs Bite, and Bulldogs Roar

The Bulldogs graduate to the big dance by winning the greatest final of the modern era.

First of all, a couple of apologies. The first is to the readers for getting this story up so late. I was on a little sneaky weekend away with no laptop or internet, but thankfully had television access. The second is to our Chief Football Writer Dave Bremner, who got stuck with the most boring final one can remember on Friday night, while I got this cracker.

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AFL Round 2: Suns rise, Docker Shocker, and Essendon Wins?

Round 2 began with a fizz, as the exciting run and gun footy of round 1 seemed to vanish into thin air. This was a dour affair made exciting by the fact that the scoreboard was close. Both sides appeared to play safe (yet scrappy) football, and the game never reached any great heights. The standout player on the field was the Faz, Alex Fasolo, with 6 goals, and a hand in 3 more.  Once again for Richmond, the story remains the poor decision making of some of their senior players.  They made bad mistakes and decisions all night – which culminated in a fairly ordinary last 3 minutes to allow the Fasolo led Pies to storm home and take the lead with a snapped goal from Brodie Grundy with 4 seconds remaining.

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