Review: 2 Guys, 1 Cup

An AFL Podcast with Wil Anderson and Charlie Clausen that’s more GOP than jet.

Do you like footy? Do you like podcasts? Do you like funny? Let’s face it, if you’re visiting this website, you likely answered yes to all 3 of those questions.

Well, you’ll be pleased to know – there’s a brand new podcast on the airwaves that will give you ALL 3 of those things. It’s like some sort of triangle of happiness.

Wil Anderson, one of Australia’s finest ever comedians, and purveyor of other quality podcasts such as TOFOP, FOFOP, and Wilosophy teams up with Charlie Clausen (you may know him from such podcasts as That’s Aweson with Charlie Clausen and TOFOP, or from TV shows like Blue Heelers or Home and Away) for an AFL podcast that is best described as factually ambiguous and pretty damn funny.

Anderson is a Western Bulldogs supporter, and Clausen is a St Kilda supporter – and this is where the genius of the title comes in. Double entendre aside – both these boys support a team that have only won one premiership – 2 guys, 1 cup. Though I would argue that’s two cups, but that wouldn’t be anywhere near as funny, or entendre-ish.

What you can expect from the podcast is given straight away, as you are welcomed to the show by the podcast’s theme song – set to the tune of We’re a Happy Team at Hawthorn.

“We’re two footy loving dickheads,
Dreaming about a premiership cup.
We love our clubs, but they never win;
2 flags in 100 years – that’s shithouse.
If you think we’ll be insightful, clever, or just well researched,
We’re here to say that’s not the case,
We’ll just go out and wing it,
We are two guys, one cup.”

Just two episodes old, 2 Guys 1 Cup is currently heading the New and Noteworthy category in iTunes, and if Anderson and Clausen’s prior podcasting experience is anything to go by – this one will be hitting the top 10 list pretty regularly.

Both episodes so far have been over an hour and a half long – so there’s plenty of content to be had – but the laughs keep coming, so you never feel like the show is dragging. Both guys claim not to be insightful – but there’s an obvious love of the game evident in their discussions (and maybe a slight underdog tone) and they discuss footy in the way most of us would with our mates, covering such topics as Jesse Hogan’s strut, Jake Stringer’s Package, the parallels between James Hird and Anakin Skywalker, Stevie Johnson be Stevie, and more – even Finals Specialist Clark Keating gets namedropped.

Definitely worth a listen – I rate this podcast 2 Cups.

2 Guys, 1 Cup
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2 Guys, 1 Cup
An AFL Podcast with Wil Anderson and Charlie Clausen that's more GOP than jet.
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