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The Holding Steadfast Team:

  • Matt: Contributing Editor, Podcast Host
  • Dave: Chief Football Writer, Podcasts, Comedy
  • Pete: Podcasts, Television
  • Chris: Podcast Host, Chief Techie Guy
  • Jay: Podcast Host, Token Young Person

Holding Steadfast is a site dedicated to news, views and reviews about Podcasts, Comedy, Television, AFL and anything else we decide to put up here.

We also have our own Podcast, which we don’t review.


As often as we can.


All over the interwebz, but we are based in Australia.

Media Enquires

If you would like to invite us to review or discuss your content, or for any other enquires, contact us below.


All written material is ©Holding Steadfast, and while we’d love for you to reproduce it, please ask our permission first.

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Holding Steadfast is a site dedicated to views and reviews about Podcasts, Comedy, Television and anything else we find entertaining.