AFL Round 22 – Mathematically Possible?

Just a quick review from me this week, as I start tapering for finals action. The 8 should now be set – with just final positions to be determined, though there is one Mathematically Possible chance remaining. I’ve done a few quick sums, and if North lose to the Giants by around 150 points and the Saints beat the Lions by about the same, the Saints can leapfrog the Roos into 8th spot.

Next week’s footy will be interesting. If results go as I expect them to – we’re going to have the top 4 separated only by percentage, with the Swans and Crows to pick up the home finals, as well as the Giants and Eagles. With the bye after round 23 – there’s a very real chance that there will be no footy in Melbourne for two weeks, and possibly a third – presuming the home teams all win. There’s even a slight possibility that there may be no finals footy in Melbourne until Grand Final day!

Let’s quickly review some footy though:

The Eagles knocked over the Hawks, but the win was soured by the news of Nic Nats (k)Nee. The big dude has ruptured his ACL, which will see him miss the remainder of the Eagle’s tilt this year, but there’s also the very real chance he misses the most part of 2017 as well.

I’ll stop doing that now…

Big Cegsy Ceglar also picked a crappy time to do an ACL, and after being dropped for the 2014 flag, and being an emergency for last years – this poor fella looks set to miss out on more finals action for the Hawks, and despite my intense loathing of anyone in wee and poo colours – I really feel for this bloke. Footy just plain sucks sometimes.

Bad enough having to wear that jumper – but doing an ACL too? Unlucky.

The Roos and Swans played out a close one, though the Roos never really threatened to win the game, and Sydney led throughout. The Swans midfield again dominated, and I find myself wondering how many times North can go back to the well with guys like Wells (pun intended), Dal Santo, Harvey, and Petrie. The first three were all in the best again, and Brad Scott must be wondering when the rest of his team is going to step up to the next level. I wonder if there might be a decent clean out at Arden Street this off season.

Regardless of the result – this was a nice moment.

If you didn’t catch Richmond vs St Kilda – congratulations. This will go down as one of the worst games of the season, as both sides tried their best to ensure you changed the channel to watch the Olympics. Not much to say about this match really – big Paddy McCartin broke a part of himself again – this time breaking his collarbone as he dived on a footy. Is it just me, or is there a touch of Koschitzke about this man?

This is becoming too familiar for Saints fans.

The Giants smacked the Dockers, and BLOODY HELL JON PATTON WENT BALLISTIC! PATTONWATCH has seen nothing like it in this blokes entire career – 14 possessions, 8 marks and 6 goals to the big lumbering lump of former number one draft pick ensured his name will definitely be on the lips of list managers around the country, and just watch someone offer way more in a trade than they should for him.


The Hot n Cold Pies gave the Suns another thumping. The Suns stayed in Melbourne this week in an attempt to try something new (I suppose) as preparation – but it really did nothing for their match prep – as the Pies opened with a 7 goal to 0 first quarter. Nice try Suns. Rodney Eade says his players are suffering from Accumulative Fatigue. I think that means they’re getting more tired of his crap every week.

The Showdown Showcased the finest of South Australian football and its fans – as one complete tool of a human being took to throwing a banana at Eddie Betts. Stupid. A banana won’t stop him. A watermelon – now that might work. Betts was sublime again – 5 more goals (in game 250 might I add) taking his tally to 65 for the year. I still don’t think this bloke gets enough credit might I add. He’s a big reason the Crows look set for a top 2 finish – and I would really like to know what odds I can get on him winning the Norm Smith medal. I don’t think there’s a defender in the comp that can stop him. Anyhow – this was a good game of footy, unfortunately spoiled by a bogan.

The little champ.

Melbourne were playing to keep their Mathematical Possibility of Playing Finals alive – and almost predictably bottled it – losing to Carlton and finishing their season with a whimper. Credit to the Blues – who played some pretty good footy at times, but this was not a great game of footy. Melbourne were very ordinary, Carlton less so. I suppose both sides have gone forwards this season, so they won’t consider it a wasted year, but one does have to wonder how much Melbourne would be ruing their loss to Essendon way back in round 2…

The Cats beat the Lions comfortably up in Queensland – they skipped out to a 6 goal lead at quarter time, and did only what they needed to after that, getting through with a comfortable 10 goal win and no injuries. Rhys Mathieson again carried on a flog – though the irony of him drawing a high contact free kick from Joel Selwood was, as Bruce would say, “delicious”.

Joel Selwood showing Mathieson the correct way to draw high contact.

The Adam Cooney Career Celebration game finished off the round – and about the only thing to come out of the match was another injury to a Bulldogs defender. Easton Wood is the latest casualty, landing badly on his ankle after a marking contest. The Bombers were again competitive for portions of the game, and completely uncompetitive at other times.

Congratulations on a pretty damn decent career Cooooooooon!

Eagles 92 def Hawks 67
Swans 85 def Roos 76
Saints 55 def Tigers 46
Giants 129 def Dockers 37
Magpies 118 def Suns 47
Crows 109 def Power 94
Blues 78 def Demons 58
Cats 129 def Lions 69
Dogs 93 def Bombers 53

Next Week:
Crows v Eagles, Cats v Demons, Bombers v Blues, Swans v Tigers, Suns v Power, Roos v Giants, Saints v Lions, Hawks v Magpies, Dockers v Bulldogs

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AFL Round 22 - Mathematically Possible?
The 8 should now be set – with just final positions to be determined, though there is one Mathematically Possible chance remaining.
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