Dogs V Eagles – Full Game Notes

I took notes for the first time this year, so I thought I’d share with you all my general “stream of consciousness” while I watch a game of footy. Beware – not for everyone.

1st Quarter
Dogs on top early through the midfield. Look up and about.
2 quick goals to the Eagles – Dogs might pay for their wastefulness.
Both sides making mistakes – “Finals Pressure”
12 minutes left in the quarter – Dogs press stifling Eagles out of defense. Great pressure, but they’re turning the footy over themselves too.
Uncontested Poss: 42 to 27 Dogs way. Run and carry up. Handballs 32 to 18.
13 minutes in to the game, no free kicks paid – (Say that again Darce?)

Hunter everywhere early. Daniel dangerous up forward.
Shannon Hurn’s 200th game. Dude looks like he’s played 400…

Dogs 14 tackles to 4. 10 inside 50’s to 5. They should be in front by more.
19 minutes: Dogs goal to Daniel – 9 point lead. Eagles dominating ruck/centre clearances – dogs around the ground.
Bont = Kouta. Picken’s playing well. Didn’t realise he was this good.
Dogs smalls are giving Eagles the runaround. They’re too big and slow…
21:00 – Libba GOAL. 28-13
22:45 – LeCras SPUD. Misses soda. Apparently he’s never kicked more than 2 goals in a final. (Say that again Darce?) He’s got all the stats tonight.
25:00 – Lycett injured?
Eagles fans are turning feral on the umpires. Should be fun. Dogs defenders holding up against bigger opponents.
27:00 – Well, they were. Easton Wood injured?
Suckling kicking torps til the early morn. What’s with his kicking style anyway?
29:25 Point to LeCras. He sucks. Gaff doesn’t though. He’s getting plenty of it. Not hurting Dogs though. Priddis not done much.

QUARTER TIME: Dogs 28, Eagles 15

2nd Quarter
1:00 – Josh Kennedy mark – good ball movement Eagles. POSTER. 28-16
Eagles looking more switched on – assured ball movement. Dogs utilising Dwayne Russell chaos ball. Fast – anything can happen.
4:30 – Dickson 2nd goal. 34-16
Crap deliberate OOB call. #freekickeagles Booing works.

Lycett seems ok. Haven’t seen Wood… Dogs defense still solid though.
Eagles looking unsure again! Dogs pressure brilliant.
7:44 Behind to eagles – 11 of last 12 Inside 50’s to Eagles – momentum their way. Need to capitalise. (Another Luke Darcy superstat)
Leigh Matthews gives nothing on commentary. Peter Bell is a decent addition though.
9:15 Dahlhaus snap goal – Daniel assist. Dogs 6 goals in a row. 40-17
10:10 – Boyd mark and point – Daniel score assist again.
Jordan Roughead limping. (1 of 5 players returning from injury – thanks Darce)
Did I mention that Eagles fans are feral yet?
12:30 Another point to Boyd. Dogs too fast!!!
Lin Jong injured? Looks like a shoulder. Bench. Oh crap, he’s crying. Poor dude.
13:30 Hunter goal. Last 7 to Dogs. 48-17. Tackles 35-22. This could be a flogging.
15:30 Yeo marks 30m out straight in front. SHANK! Point. 48-18
Boyd is a spud.
Ugh – Darling is a spud. Plays on from 15 m out and gets caught holding the ball. Who is he – Matthew Leuenberger?
Eagles fans about to riot.
Darling fakes and gets free. Flog.
Lin Jong still in tears. Dude. I wonder if this will be his last game for the Dogs. Isn’t he off to Collingwood?

Have I mentioned the Eagles fans yet? They may murder that umpire with the crew cut. Weird looking unit.
20:00 Boyd bleeding. Bont’s done bugger all.
22:00 Brown goals from square. Eagles finally get one. They look dangerous when they get over the top of the Dogs press. Not happening much though.
3 minutes to go in half – Eagles lifting. If they get another here they can go in 18 points down – and it should be about 30.
Umpires are going to cop it as they leave the field.
Booing getting to umps again – Dogs missing out on free kicks here.
Oh, now Eagles are booing that the Dogs get an Out on the full free kick. Ferals.
Siren. FIGHT!!! Eagles frustrated. Libba stirring. Apple didn’t fall far from the tree I guess.

HALF TIME: Dogs 48 Eagles 24

Third Quarter
Eagles fans picking up where they left off. BOOOO!!!
Umpires buying in too…
Eagles lifted intensity again. Always the start of the quarter. Dogs slow starters?
Dogs not getting quality ball forward. High and slow.
4:30 – rushed behind to dogs. 49-24
Now repeat I 50’s to Dogs. Eagles can’t hold on to this.
5:38 – Clay Smith snaps goal 55-24. Booo! Try a new tune Eagles Ferals.
Johannisen!!! Through the middle like a knife through butter.
8:00 – Bontempelli held too long. Free kick 35 out. Angle. SHANK 56-24
9 of last 10 inside 50’s to Dogs. Told you. (Thanks Darce)
10:00 PICKEN!!! Wow. I really didn’t know he was this good. Mark and goal! 62-24. Eagles in trouble here.

LeCras into midfield. Well – he doesn’t kick goals in finals, right Darce? Other Eagles mids too slow? Where the hell is Priddis anyway? Hardly seen him.
Dogs are too fast.
12:30 Free kick Dogs to Cordy. Shot on goal… SHANK! OOB.
Dogs are 2 goals away from this game being over I reckon…
BOOO!!!!! (Feral Eagles fans)
16:44 – rushed point to eagles 62-25
Dogs struggling to get balls out of defence again.
17:15 – HILL! Big mark in square. Or not square… kicks from angle. GOAL. Eagles not dead yet. 62-31
18:45 – Rush point to Eagles 62-32. More booing. They really don’t stop…
20:00 – Priddis sighted. Free kick. Needs a captains goal. Is he even the captain? Anyway.. SHANKS it. 62-33.
Suckling can’t hit a target with his kick In at the moment. Dogs can’t get out of Eagles’ 50.
23:45 Oh what a turnover! Didn’t see the Eagles player, but he squared it into the corridor, too high – intercept GOAL to Dogs. That’s the goal that will break them I reckon. 68-33.
Johannisen!!! Ankle breaker.
Gee Daniel is good in close.
25:38 – Great goal Roughead. Bombs away from 50 – and this game is just about done. 74-33
Eagles have only taken 7 marks inside 50. (Thanks Darce)
29:00 Dickson snaps a point from the boundary. 75-33
30:20 44 seconds left on the clock – Darling takes a big pack mark 20 out and goals. 75-39 Still in it??? Just. Dogs might fall over. Down a rotation, and players back from injury.

Leigh Matthews: Dogs have silenced the crowd. Um. No. Booooooo!!!!
3 Quarter Time Dogs 75 v Eagles 39

4th Quarter
Boyd is a spud. Drops a sitter 10 metres out.
2:03 GOAL. Snap from Dunkley. 81-39. This game is one goal away from being over.
Now it’s quiet in here Leigh… players flat too.
4:19. Frenchman Le Cras kicks goal from goalsquare. 81-45. A pulse?
Dogs running out of legs? Injuries?
McGovern into the ruck???
6:09 Hunter snap point. 82-45
Daniel another score assist. Beautiful short kick of the ball.
7:04 Suckling long POSTER. 83-45
8:07. Bont getting involved. BANG 60 m goal. 89-45. IT’S OVER!
Eagles haven’t given up yet, but they’re just not good enough. Dogs doing as they please.
9:45 BONT again. POSTER 90-45
Darling just crapped himself. Didn’t go! That’s going to get replayed in Perth this week!
12:20 Now Stringer’s getting involved. GOAL 55m bomb from the boundary. 96-45. This could be a blowout!

Dogs in resting mode. Eagles in don’t care, can’t win mode. Boring.
Eagles were the finals experienced team, and they’ve been out “finals’d” by the rookie dogs. Faster, harder, more pressure. Just more up for it. Eagles disappointing tonight.
BOG: Dahlhaus, Hunter, Johannisen, Daniel, Boyd.
Eagles: Gaff, Masten, Shuey
16:24 Dahlhaus point 97-45
Priddis has had 5 kicks. Worst Brownlow winner ever. Or, since Shane Woewodin.
17:20 Libba snaps a point. 98-45. (51-38 inside 50’s dogs way.)
Sting = gone. This game is fizzling.
And yet, the umpires still manage to have no idea. Good luck crewcut.
22:04 Dahlhaus snaps a point. 99-45
27:02 Yeo SHANKS another soda. This dude can’t kick. Straight in front. 99-46
27:50 Kennedy snaps from the boundary – GOAL. About time he did something tonight. 99-52
Dogs win. Eagles out.
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Full Game Notes - Dogs V Eagles
I took notes for the first time this year, so I thought I’d share with you all my general “stream of consciousness” while I watch a game of footy. Beware – not for everyone.
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