CLASSIC: David McGahan’s World

Back in the 90’s, when grunge was still cool and Madonna was still hot, Australian Sketch Comedy was dominated by a Channel 7 program named Full Frontal. The show is famous for featuring an almost endless procession of Australian A-list comedic stars, but it also launched the careers of Eric Bana and – the guy I’m here to talk about – Shaun Micallef.

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CLASSIC: Walking the Room Podcast #22

Walking the Room Podcast #22 – Hobo Orange Thieves and Tweet Singers

Walking the Room was one of my favourite podcasts before winding up a couple of years back.

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CLASSIC: JRE Podcast #419 – Lorenzo Hagerty

The first of our Classic Series of articles takes us all the way back to 2013, when Joe Rogan and Lorenzo Hagerty broke all sorts of records for lengthy conversations.

One thing you are sure to get with the Joe Rogan Experience is a lengthy chat. Episodes regularly hit the three hour mark, and it’s not uncommon for Joe to have to cut the conversation off due to that magic three hour mark being reached. There have been times, though, when Joe just kept the show rolling, causing the episodes to be broken up into two parts. Episode 419 was one of those occasions, clocking in a touch over four hours. That’s one long conversation.

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