The Web of Truth

The year is 2002. Steven Bradbury has just won Australia’s first Winter Olympic gold medal, George Bush Junior and John Howard are still international leaders, and five young men head to Victoria’s Mt Buller ski resort for a 21st birthday.

Part black comedy, part low-stakes thriller, and partly an ode to early 2000’s pop culture, The Web of Truth is a three-part audio mini-series streaming now



Writer and Producer Matt Caton
Director Kym Davies
Sound Design and Production Chris Vassallo
Edited By Chris Vassallo and Matt Caton
  • The Web Of Truth was recorded by Chris Vassallo, at Holding Steadfast Studios in January 2020


Other Characters

The Narrator Kate McManus
Lauren Elise D’amico
Aaron Jay Caton
Bus Boy Colin Morley
Darryl Lucas Thomas
Chrystal Kym Davies
Sarah Anita Caton
Jess Lily Calder
Crazy Tripper Rob Matt Caton
Mitch Matt Caton
Simo Colin Morley
Tiny Little Fuckhead Anita Caton
Kaillee   Elise D’amico
Lisa Kym Davies
Religious Guy Damian Vuleta
Steven Bradbury Guy Chris Vassallo


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