The Holding Steadcast #4

Toilet Room Talk.

We get the latest update on Jay’s drinking problem, give an uneducated opinion on Donald Trump’s locker room campaign and rip the piss out of The Block once again.

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The Holding Steadcast #3

Episode 3 – Dilfs and Dogs

We’re finally back after a baby-related break, to talk about Matt becoming a dad, discuss the Bulldogs’ historic Grand Final win, and we finish up with a full spoiler segment for Mr Robot season 2.

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The Holding Steadcast – #1

Episode 1 – Just The Tip

Hosts: Jay, Matt, Chris

In our first ever debut episode number 1, we chat about how awesome Stranger Things is, about how much people who haven’t seen Stranger Things suck, and philosophise about binging Vs. Week-to-week viewing.

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REVIEW: Hardcore History – King of Kings III

Dan Carlin wraps up his Persian epic with a five hour marathon episode.

I’ve made the comparison before between a new Hardcore History episode, and your favourite band releasing a new album. Funnily enough, Carlin makes this same reference at the beginning of this episode, noting that this five hour conclusion to the King of Kings series, was akin to a band releasing a ‘double album.’

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REVIEW: JRE #812 – Russell Brand and Jim Breuer

Words, words and more words, as two of the most prolific talkers in the world philosophise up a storm.

If there is one thing that both Joe Rogan and Russell Brand are capable of, it’s a lengthy expansion on a point, and this intense three hour conversation is filled with exactly that, multiple times. These two similar counterculture leaders from opposite sides of the Atlantic, who have gathered an army of fans (and critics) surrounding their sometimes controversial views, turned out to be a most intriguing pairing.

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REVIEW: Game Changers: Radio

Intimate conversations with the men and women in radio who turn on the mics every day and invite the audience to either love them or hate them.
Hosted by Craig Bruce, former SCA Head of Content with more than 20 years of radio experience. Craig speaks to the biggest names in radio.
The men and women who appear on Game Changers: Radio open up about their success, their failures and why they continue to share their lives on the wireless.

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REVIEW: Project U The Podcast – episode 15

In what was bound to make me feel every minute of my age, I embarked on episode 15 of the Project U podcast. While Project U might describe their Podcast as ‘Australia’s no bullshit music podcast’, all I heard is the Podcast equivalent of 3 kids tweeting about their favourite music. Basically, three people like fully talking about songs they like, like.

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CLASSIC: Walking the Room Podcast #22

Walking the Room Podcast #22 – Hobo Orange Thieves and Tweet Singers

Walking the Room was one of my favourite podcasts before winding up a couple of years back.

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CLASSIC: JRE Podcast #419 – Lorenzo Hagerty

The first of our Classic Series of articles takes us all the way back to 2013, when Joe Rogan and Lorenzo Hagerty broke all sorts of records for lengthy conversations.

One thing you are sure to get with the Joe Rogan Experience is a lengthy chat. Episodes regularly hit the three hour mark, and it’s not uncommon for Joe to have to cut the conversation off due to that magic three hour mark being reached. There have been times, though, when Joe just kept the show rolling, causing the episodes to be broken up into two parts. Episode 419 was one of those occasions, clocking in a touch over four hours. That’s one long conversation.

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