REVIEW: Jim Jefferies – Freedumb

Freedumb sees Australia’s greatest stand-up comedy export Jim Jefferies return to Netflix, to tell all the people who were offended by his famous gun routine, to fuck off.

Since the last time Jim Jefferies did a Netflix special, his fame has risen quite a few notches. Before his last special Bare hit Netflix, Jim was a world renowned star in comedy circles, but he had very little recognition elsewhere. Once Bare was released, and Jim’s opinions on gun control (and women) went extraordinarily viral, he became known by people from all walks of life, and as he explains in this special, that hasn’t always been good fun.

The extra attention hasn’t made him shy though, or reluctant to tackle controversial topics, as his choices to film this special in Nashville, and to open with a series of rape jokes (complete with social ‘disclaimer’) show all too well.

Jim also upped the ante on the personal stories, and some of his ‘too much information’ about his girlfriend and young son was extraordinary. Louis CK never went that hard on family. To give you an idea, he discusses what it was like when his girlfriend was pregnant by stating “Nobody’s ever said it in a public forum, but the pregnant are the worst people on earth.” 

Proving that he isn’t just a witty political satirist or purveyor of rape jokes, Jefferies also delves into important topics such as poo, doing wees and poos at the same time, and how to execute the perfect sit down wee. It’s the closest he has ever been to being G Rated, and even that didn’t last long. We also get to see him get a bit ‘real’ and serious at one point, mirroring the last time he mentioned his own battles with depression back in Alcoholocaust.

If you’re a Jefferies fan, you’ll love this special. It may not have the type of bits suited to going viral like the previous special, but I get the impression that wasn’t by accident.

So jump onto Netflix to see Jim in all his filthy, vulgar and jaw-hurting hilariousness, because when Jim’s gets it right… there are few funnier in the world.

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Jim Jefferies - Freedumb
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