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Bill Burr is a classic example of what can happen when you work hard and stick to your guns.

I’ve been a fan of Bill Burr for quite some time, and he was partly responsible for getting me so obsessed with comedy and then as a part of that, Podcasts. His Monday Morning Podcast was the first podcast I became a regular listener of, he himself is probably the first comedian I became a genuine fan of.

Bill has done it the hard way; no short-cuts or easy way outs for this determined ginger, he has reached his current level of success through relentless touring and being on stage night, after night, after night. While many others sell out or give up along the way, he has ridden the storms of poverty and virtual starvation that come from being a struggling comic in the early days, and found himself now right at the very top of the tree for Comedians around the world.

The success of his comedy specials Why Do I do this (2008)Let it Go (2010), You People are all the same (2012) and the very popular Netflix release I’m Sorry you feel that way (2014) has allowed him to segue into some pretty cool acting roles, including having a small but important part in the legendary Breaking Bad. Further to this, he recently had his first animated sitcom produced exclusively for Netflix titled F is For Family.

Bill’s style is very much unique to him. There are many other comedians who try to use angry as a device, but few manage to keep the simmering rage so effortlessly hilarious as Bill does. He rightly challenges political correctness at every opportunity and he isn’t afraid to offend if there is a joke in it.

Right now, Bill Burr is at the top of his Comedy game, and you should take every opportunity you can to see the man live on stage. If you’re unable to do that, start by checking out his special on Netflix. If you can’t do that… well, then try Youtube, or be a good fan, and go buy his early specials.




Matt Caton

Matt is a freelance writer, content marketer, comedy geek and podcast evangelist

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