CLASSIC: Walking the Room Podcast #22

Walking the Room Podcast #22 – Hobo Orange Thieves and Tweet Singers

Walking the Room was one of my favourite podcasts before winding up a couple of years back.

Basically, it was a show by and about Los Angeles based comedians and hosts Dave Anthony and Greg Behrendt. Every week, a new Podcuddle (more on that coming up) would drop, and I would listen incredulously as Anthony and Behrendt would tell stories from their lives. Some of the more memorable episodes featured stories about Dave’s “interesting” neighbours, however they weren’t afraid to venture into talking about their (at the time) stalling comedy careers, family life, show business, prison, and Tim Tams (the fuel on which the Cuddle runs).

Ah yes – the Cuddle. From early episodes, Dave and Greg decided they wanted to be more than a Podcast, and dubbed the show a Podcuddle for the listener. Essentially – Dave was holding Greg because he was scared, and Greg would hold the listener… because he cares. Hardcore fans became known as Cuddlahs – clown from the neckdown, (drawing from Insane Clown Posse’s Jugglahs) while those of us who didn’t quite embrace the term Cuddlah, could be happy with being termed a Customer.

Walking the Room became a podcast juggernaut – to date there have been 206 episodes – however regular episodes stopped in July 2014, when the show went on hiatus due to Behrendt relocating from LA to New York. Some months later, the podcast wound up for good – though there have been a couple of reunion episodes and live shows since – notably at 2015 LA Podfest.

In October 2010, Episode 22 hit the airwaves, and it’s fair to say the show was never the same again, with the introduction of The Hobotang. This was one of my favourite episodes, and is essential listening if you’re going to pick and choose episodes of WTR to listen to.

Without going into detail, and spoiling the episode for everybody – the definition of a Hobotang:
Hobotang: Noun. Typically refers specifically to the man of the Hobo Family, which consists of a pregnant wife and a two-and-a-half year old son. They live off Amway & pyramid schemes, but drive a Mercedes, own properties in Ohio, and have a $50K investment pending.  Courtesy of Walking the Room Glossary


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CLASSIC: Walking the Room Podcast #22
Walking the Room was one of my favourite podcasts before winding up a couple of years back.
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