WTF: Sacha Baron Cohen

Marc Maron gets a rare insight into the normally private man behind Borat, Ali G and Bruno.
Source: Episode 683 – Sacha Baron Cohen

I must admit that I’m not a religious listener of Marc Maron’s WTF podcast, in the sense that I don’t listen to every episode regardless of who the guest is. That doesn’t mean that I don’t regularly check the feed to see who is on, or that I was going to miss this one.

You may have seen or heard Sacha Baron Cohen interviewed thousands of times, but it’s likely you’ve ever really heard much about the man himself; he generally only gets interviewed as one of his eclectic mix of socially challenged characters. This time though it was all Sacha, and it felt like a rare treat.

Sacha opened up about his comedy roots, his early influenzes, and just how many times he’s nearly been arrested or killed. Seriously, some of the stories he has to tell about the filming of Bruno and even Borat really makes you wonder how this polite-sounding British gentlemen could be so batshit crazy.

There are a few times where he tries to wonder off into one of his absurd tangents, but Maron keeps this interview on track like the pro that he is, and the end result is a very interesting and in-depth look at one of our era’s more bizarre and hard-working clowns.

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WTF - Sacha Baron Cohen
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