REVIEW: Game Changers: Radio

Intimate conversations with the men and women in radio who turn on the mics every day and invite the audience to either love them or hate them.
Hosted by Craig Bruce, former SCA Head of Content with more than 20 years of radio experience. Craig speaks to the biggest names in radio.
The men and women who appear on Game Changers: Radio open up about their success, their failures and why they continue to share their lives on the wireless.

Game Changers is a relatively new podcast – just 4 episodes old. I listened to Episode 4 – where Craig Bruce interviews James Brayshaw about his time on radio, and it’s a fascinating listen. Bruce is great about ensuring that the Podcast is more about his guest than it is about himself – and gives plenty of space for Brayshaw to tell the story of his radio career.

Brayshaw talks about how he made the transition from first class cricket and work experience to being a rookie on radio in South Australia, the unintentional parallels between him and his father, the career path to becoming the host of 4 number one radio shows, and what methods (if any) are used to ensure ratings success. We find out about his time on SAFM with Amanda Blair, The Cage, and his current successful shows in The Rub, and The Rush Hour.

Among other things, Brayshaw opens up about hating breakfast radio, the challenge of replacing Eddie McGuire on Triple M’s footy commentary, his role in taking Triple M from ratings loser to ratings leader, tells some stories about Sam Newman’s on-air (and off-air) radio exploits, dealing with bigger personalities, planning strategies, and spends some time talking about his relationships with his co-hosts, and family. He even revisits the famous (or infamous?) Brian Taylor Crown Casino Pot plant story.

This is a pretty good podcast – about 45 minutes long with a break in the middle – however Bruce ensures that the podcast never drags, and Brayshaw ensures it’s always a pretty quick paced, and at times quite funny conversation. Definitely worth a listen – I consider this episode the best one of this series so far, however if you check the back catalogue, you’ll find an Eddie McGuire interview, and Mick Molloy is a “coming soon”.

Final word: I’m not sure I’ll listen to every episode of this podcast – I think it will depend largely on who the guest is. If I had a wishlist for this podcast, it would include: Merrick and Rosso, Wil Anderson, Adam Spencer, Myf Warhurst, and Pete Helliar. I have subscribed to Game Changers, as I get the feeling that there will be some really interesting guests from time to time.

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Podcast Review – Game Changers: Radio
Intimate conversations with the men and women in radio who turn on the mics every day and invite the audience to either love them or hate them.
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