PROFILE: Bald Move Podcast

Bald Move is nerdy film and television fanboy bliss, that takes dissection to a whole new level. Essentially, it’s right up Holding Steadfast’s alley.

As I mentioned in my previous article about Mr Robot, I’ve been having trouble finding people to discuss that particular show with, so my search lead me to do the next best thing; listen to other people talk about it. I stumbled into the Bald Move universe totally by accident, but once I was there, I became a little bit sad that I hadn’t got there earlier.

Hosted by Jim Jones and A. Ron Hubbard (sounds legit), the Bald Move network consists of a large number of different dedicated podcasts for popular television shows, with the occasional film thrown in for good measure. They pride themselves on taking a non-biased, no kiss-ass, no fluff approach to reviewing the shows that we all love and are passionately invested in. A standard episode consists of a scene-by-scene recap, an explanation of any and all themes raised, and an extensive viewer feedback section where viewers write in to discuss fan theories, secret hidden clues, messages, obscure references and all sorts of things that obsessive types do. Each episode is a solid hour, often double that, so they don’t leave much out.

While I came for Mr. Robot, I stayed for the back catalog of Game of Thrones and Better Call Saul reviews. In fact, the first thing I did was go and listen to the reviews for the last two episodes of Game of Thrones Season 6, because let’s face it, why wouldn’t I? There is still hours of The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad content for me to get through as well.

For a television tragic, Bald Move is great way to feel better about yourself, because no matter how much television you watch… you don’t watch more than these guys.

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PROFILE: Bald Move Podcast
Bald Move is nerdy film and television fanboy bliss, that takes dissection to a whole new level. Essentially, it's right up Holding Steadfast's alley.
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Holding Steadfast

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