The Web of Truth Soundtrack

The soundtrack for The Web of Truth came to life, due to the generosity of the following artists.

Please listen to their work and support them where possible. They are all awesome.

1. The Quarters
1. The Quarters
The Quarters are an independent rock and roll trio from Melbourne, Australia.
2. Caustic Soda
2. Caustic Soda
Caustic Soda were a Melbourne-based Punk band that came to prominence in the 1990’s
3. Eckul
3. Eckul
Eckul is a Melbourne-based DJ and Producer.
4.  One Last Excuse
4. One Last Excuse
One Last Excuse were a hardcore band from Melbourne, active in the early 2000's.
5.  Cat or Pillar
5. Cat or Pillar
Cat or Pillar were an indie rock band from Melbourne formed in 2008
7.  Poontang
7. Poontang
Poontang were a Melbourne-based alternative band active during the 1990's.
6.  Dolly Blitz
6. Dolly Blitz
Dolly Blitz was a 4-piece Alternative Rock band formed in Melbourne, Australia in 1997.
8.  The Joker In The Pack
8. The Joker In The Pack
Joker in the Pack is a Mixer, Producer and occasional songwriter based in Melbourne, Australia
9.  Rushmore
9. Rushmore
Rushmore Were A Short-Lived Melbourne Screamo Band In The Early 2000's

Episode 1

ChaosThe Quarters Listen on YouTube
 I’m Away With The … Dolly Blitz  Listen on YouTube
Welcome To Dumpsville, Population: You – Caustic Soda  Listen on YouTube
I Stand Without a SmileOne Last Excuse Listen on Soundcloud
A Brief History of Time – Poontang Listen on Youtube
Alone (Dead man Walking) – One Last Excuse Listen on Soundcloud
Photocopied – Caustic Soda Listen on YouTube

Episode 2

ChaosThe Quarters Listen on YouTube
Club Mayhem 2 OrangePop Listen on Audio Jungle
Sand CityEckul Listen on Soundcloud
Return – Eckul Listen on Soundcloud
Saints and Symptoms – Rushmore
Listen here
Bottom of the Bottle –  The Quarters                       Listen on YouTube
Chevrolet – The Quarters Listen on YouTube
Tik Tik BoomThe Quarters Listen on YouTube

Episode 3

Constellations – Rushmore Listen Here
Cigarette Cat or Pillar Listen on Bandcamp
The New Normal – The Joker in The Pack         Listen on Soundcloud
Part and Parcel  Caustic Soda Listen on YouTube