REVIEW: Perfectly Good Podcast

Join the perfectly good men of Tripod, along with your host Andrew Pogson, on this musical adventure podcast celebrating all things Tripod. Featuring live performances, tight three part harmonies, stories, jokes, laughs, tears, poor adlib, and much much more.

I first recall seeing Tripod on Hey Hey It’s Saturday. Remember that show? The boys appeared on the Red Faces segment, and performed a tribute(?) to Oasis – entitled Oasnis Yea.

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Profile: Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

“History is a set of lies agreed upon”

– Napoleon Bonaparte

Being that this is my first post here, and that I wanted to write about Podcasts more than anything else, Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History seemed the most obvious place to start. To put a summary line in my introduction, Hardcore History is the best free entertainment on the internet.

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