REVIEW: Jimmy Carr – Funny Business

Jimmy Carr treads the fine line between being offensive, and being really, really offensive in his new Netflix special, Jimmy Carr: Funny Business.

Jimmy Carr is a familiar name in British Comedy, with regular appearances on television panel shows and an impressive 9 DVD specials, which made it no surprise that he was the first British comedian to film a ‘just-for-Netflix’ comedy special.

Those familiar with Carr will know he has one of the sharpest tongues and darkest styles in the business, but with this special giving him extensive new exposure into the US market, it was interesting to watch this unapologetic star dish out what could only be described as a few caveats.

“I’m not making statements, I’m not trying to change your opinion, I’m just trying to make you laugh.”   

However, the existence of some caveats does not imply that Carr held back at all in this show, if anything, he ramped the filth up a few notches. Now, if you’re not familiar with Carr’s work, have read this far and are wondering if you should give it a watch, I’ll give one spoiler joke to give you an idea of what you’ll be working with:

“People who adhere to Political Correctness, are retarded faggots.”

If that made you laugh, then stop reading now and watch the special. If it offended you… well then, give this one a miss, because that was nothing.

As a general rule, I’m personally not a fan of comedians using crowd work as a device, particularly if they are nasty to the audience. It usually just feels like an easy cheap shot to me. However, Carr is renowned for his interaction with the audience and despite the fact that he says some downright horrible things to them, he manages to deliver it all with the right amount of cheeky charm, that nobody really takes offence. He even declares a ‘heckle amnesty’ for the crowd, willing them on to try and catch him out, but it really is a fool’s errand; this guy is as sharp a shit-slinger as you will you find, and nobody is safe.

The show, which he delivers with a nice mix of one-liners, classic setups and ‘stories’ that may or may not have happened to him, really is just one line being crossed after another. Religion, retardation, rape, pedophilia, incest and even his own personal tax problems… it’s’ all fair game as far as Jimmy is concerned, as offensive humour is how he makes a living, and it’s why the sold out crowd came out to the Hammersmith Apollo theatre in London to see him.        

This is a hilarious special from one of the funniest guys on the world circuit.

I highly recommend you jump on NETFLIX and check it out.  



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Jimmy Carr - Funny Business
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