REVIEW: Game of Thrones – Season 6, Episode 6

Things slowed right down as the Game of Thrones ‘B’ Characters got a chance to shine.

*SPOILER ALERT: Contains spoilers for Game Of Thrones – Season 6, Episode 6.

Well I must admit, that episode was a bit of a letdown. Sure, it was never going to match the intensity of last week’s superb third act, but I wasn’t expecting the whole story to grind to a halt like it did this week.

We opened up with “Ayra goes to the theatre, again” this week, and we see her having a little chuckle as Joffrey’s death was reenacted. I liked that. In fact, this whole first scene was some of the best stuff for Ayra all season, and it coincided with her having her final breakthrough moment, and realising that the life of a face-changing, dead-cleaning assassin wasn’t for her. It was great until we saw bitch-face in the scene, who then ran off and dobbed on Ayra and got permission to kill her. However, Arya has got her sword Needle, has blown out a candle, and is ready for the showdown. I hope she stabs bitch-face right in her bitch face.

We then got to see Tommen the Weak and Margaery the Broken have a lovely little chat in the High Sparrow’s talking room place. Although this was boring as hell, it did have a surprise payoff later on when Margerey’s Walk of Atonement was interrupted by House Lanniser and House Tyrell finally making a stand. It looked like the High Sparrow’s bluff may have finally been called, but this cagey old fox with bad knees knows a few tricks, and out marched King Tommen, swearing his allegiance to the faith. This is a frustrating turn of events, but it will have plenty of repercussions. The High Sparrow has the full ear of the King, and the King is a weak little mummy’s boy with good manners and polite annunciation. What’s more concerning, is that Margaery appears to have converted too. (Or has she? Or is she just being sneaky again? I’m not sure she is though.)


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The High Sparrow now runs the place, and the obvious challenger to the throne who will (hopefully) be heading over soon with her dragons and legions, has also just joined forces with some religious freaks. The religion wars are coming, and these ones might actually be interesting.

Sadly, we also ventured off to see how the cutest couple in Westoros were getting on having traveled back to Sam’s ridiculously large Castle that he calls home. A few weeks ago, we saw them on the boat and Sam was feeling sick. Poor Sam. This week, they traveled by carriage for a bit, so it’s clear this was one very long journey. Certainly you’d think they’ll be staying for a while. But hang on, remember when it was explained that Sam’s dad is a real asshole? Well guess what, he really, really is. So now Sam is going to steal his Dad’s Valerian sword, and head back to, I dunno, Castle Black? And he is bringing Gilly and bub with him?

This better go somewhere, or else that was the most boring side story in Game of Thrones history.


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Oh, I nearly forgot about Bran. Early in the episode, just when it looked like it was all over for him and Meera, a blast from the past rode in and saved them just in the knick of time. Later on, we discover that it is in fact Benjen Stark, Bran’s uncle, who hasn’t been seen in the show since the third episode of season 1. Apparently, for those who do the whole book thing, this is a massive (but long suspected) reveal that Benjen is in fact a character previously known in the books as Coldhands. Benjen isn’t dead, and he’s not fully alive either, and his eyes are black rather than blue, but he’s not human. Add to all of that, he has also clearly been doing some freelance work for the three-eyed raven, and all of that adds up to him being a very useful ally for Bran in his current predicament. It’s also good to see another Stark reunion, good things happen when the Stark’s team up.    

Edmure Tully isn’t dead, as it turns out. The last time we saw him was when he was carried off for some post marital sex just prior to his wedding reception taking a bit of a turn for the worse. It appears that mean old Walter Frey is going to try and use him as a bargaining chip to recapture Riverrun, but I don’t think the arrogant old fool realises what sort of battle he is about to walk into. This battle for Rivverrun could prove to be very interesting, being that Jaime Lannister has finally escaped the silliness of King’s Landing and is also on his way to this battle. Hmm, Littlefinger has set a wonderful stage here, and my bet is that Walter Frey is not long for this world. (Well, that world, technically.)


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We did see Dany for a few moments at the end, just long enough for her to get her Dragon back. Then she continued her tradition of being able to speak to large volumes of people across vast distances, without the aid of any audio amplification whatsoever. Gee, that Dany knows how to project, lucky Daario. Earlier they had discussed how many ships they were going to need to make it across to King’s Landing. 1000 ships apparently. Well, isn’t that a convenient number? I know somebody who has 30-40 employees on a bunch of islands with no trees, who is currently building that exact number of ships. Well well, what a coincidence.

No Tyrion, or Jon Snow, or Sansa, or Ramsay or Littlefinger or Varys made for a pretty ho-hum episode this week. Not bad by any stretch, but certainly the weakest of the season thus far.


  • It’s been too long. I’m worried about Rickon, and what that vile sociopath is doing to him.
  • Seriously, the Sam and Gilly story was as boring as television gets. I can’t get past it. So Sam has daddy issues (nothing could be my father from the truth), big deal? You killed a White Walker and your best friend just rose from the dead. You are better than your family dude.
  • I’m really glad that Ayra has made her decision to leave the stupid face club with only two members in it. But wouldn’t that make her whole story this season just a really boring waste of time?
  • Just as they make me care about the Iron Islands, they take them away?
  • Remember Dorne?
  • If Dany wasn’t such a compelling character – and Emilia Clarke wasn’t so stunning and engaging –  that whole story line would be simply unwatchable by now. GET ON WITH IT.
  • It was cool to see a glimpse of the Mad King. Bran’s visions are proving great for dealing with back story and exposition.
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REVIEW: Game of Thrones - Season 6, Episode 6
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