The Holding Steadcast #4

Toilet Room Talk.

We get the latest update on Jay’s drinking problem, give an uneducated opinion on Donald Trump’s locker room campaign and rip the piss out of The Block once again.

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The Holding Steadcast #3

Episode 3 – Dilfs and Dogs

We’re finally back after a baby-related break, to talk about Matt becoming a dad, discuss the Bulldogs’ historic Grand Final win, and we finish up with a full spoiler segment for Mr Robot season 2.

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The Holding Steadcast #2

Episode 2 – Reviewing the Review of the Review.

We spoil the crap out of Stranger Things (again), review the review about our review, and unintentionally break the world record for saying ‘fuck’ in a 60 minute period.

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The Holding Steadcast – #1

Episode 1 – Just The Tip

Hosts: Jay, Matt, Chris

In our first ever debut episode number 1, we chat about how awesome Stranger Things is, about how much people who haven’t seen Stranger Things suck, and philosophise about binging Vs. Week-to-week viewing.

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