2nd Semi Final – Dogs End Hawks

Well. Here it is. Everyone’s second favourite team (pffft – yeah right.) versus the team everyone’s just about sick of. First of all – let’s debunk the everyone’s second favourite team thing. First – if you have a second favourite team, you’re doing it wrong. Second – the only reason nobody really hates the Bulldogs is because the last time they won the flag was 1954. That’s 62 years ago. We didn’t even have television until 1956. On top of that, only 81,000 were actually at the G that day. And the majority of those would now be 6 foot under. And the third layer on all of this is that the Dogs beat Melbourne in that Grand Final. Melbourne. They have even less fans than Footscray. So without putting too fine a point on it – there’d be approximately three-fifths of bugger all people who have ever seen the Dogs be successful. It’s hard to hate losers.

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Hawks Lose

*Guest Post by Windy Dill.

In a game that will long be remembered, football’s greatest rivals of the last decade went head-to-head in the weekend’s first qualifying final. The result was determined by the final kick of the night with Hawthorn’s Isaac Smith missing his set shot after the siren, handing Geelong a two-point victory and a preliminary final spot.

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AFL Round 2: Suns rise, Docker Shocker, and Essendon Wins?

Round 2 began with a fizz, as the exciting run and gun footy of round 1 seemed to vanish into thin air. This was a dour affair made exciting by the fact that the scoreboard was close. Both sides appeared to play safe (yet scrappy) football, and the game never reached any great heights. The standout player on the field was the Faz, Alex Fasolo, with 6 goals, and a hand in 3 more.  Once again for Richmond, the story remains the poor decision making of some of their senior players.  They made bad mistakes and decisions all night – which culminated in a fairly ordinary last 3 minutes to allow the Fasolo led Pies to storm home and take the lead with a snapped goal from Brodie Grundy with 4 seconds remaining.

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