REVIEW: Project U The Podcast – episode 15

In what was bound to make me feel every minute of my age, I embarked on episode 15 of the Project U podcast. While Project U might describe their Podcast as ‘Australia’s no bullshit music podcast’, all I heard is the Podcast equivalent of 3 kids tweeting about their favourite music. Basically, three people like fully talking about songs they like, like.

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CLASSIC: Walking the Room Podcast #22

Walking the Room Podcast #22 – Hobo Orange Thieves and Tweet Singers

Walking the Room was one of my favourite podcasts before winding up a couple of years back.

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CLASSIC: JRE Podcast #419 – Lorenzo Hagerty

The first of our Classic Series of articles takes us all the way back to 2013, when Joe Rogan and Lorenzo Hagerty broke all sorts of records for lengthy conversations.

One thing you are sure to get with the Joe Rogan Experience is a lengthy chat. Episodes regularly hit the three hour mark, and it’s not uncommon for Joe to have to cut the conversation off due to that magic three hour mark being reached. There have been times, though, when Joe just kept the show rolling, causing the episodes to be broken up into two parts. Episode 419 was one of those occasions, clocking in a touch over four hours. That’s one long conversation.

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REVIEW: Perfectly Good Podcast

Join the perfectly good men of Tripod, along with your host Andrew Pogson, on this musical adventure podcast celebrating all things Tripod. Featuring live performances, tight three part harmonies, stories, jokes, laughs, tears, poor adlib, and much much more.

I first recall seeing Tripod on Hey Hey It’s Saturday. Remember that show? The boys appeared on the Red Faces segment, and performed a tribute(?) to Oasis – entitled Oasnis Yea.

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Profile: The Dollop

I have a confession to make. I broke up with The Dollop a while back. It wasn’t them, it was me. I just wasn’t in a space where I could commit to it. My daily commute had shrunk by 66%, and I was at saturation point. Something had to give, and the weekly episodes of The Dollop were coming out relentlessly – I got to the point where I was deleting podcasts just to make space on my iPod.

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REVIEW: Tangentially Speaking, Episode 172 – Kelly Carlin

Christopher Ryan has an interesting chat with Kelly Carlin about her life, her book and what it’s like growing up in the shadow of her iconic father.

Christopher Ryan is a man who has lived – and continues to live – a pretty unique life. This author / psychologist /  likely polygamist / roaming vagabond / award winning ‘non-sex’ porn actor, first came to public attention with his book Sex At Dawn: How we mate, why we stray, and what it means for modern relationships which he co-authored with his wife, Cacilda Jethá. (Which is a great read, btw.) After quickly becoming a regular guest on the podcast circuit, Chris started up his own podcast, which can be best described as quirky chats with quirky people.

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REVIEW: Hardcore History – King of Kings II

The king of podcasting Dan Carlin returns with the second installment of his Persian Empire epic, the King of Kings.

Today, like a 90’s teenager eagerly ripping the plastic cover off his favourite band’s new CD that he just bought, I got to digitally unwrap brand new stuff from Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History series. I may have said this before but it merits repeating; it was worth the wait.

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