REVIEW: Tommy Little – Melbourne Comedy Festival

Tommy Little – Dickhead
The Forum Theatre, Sunday 10th April
Melbourne International Comedy Festival

One thing you don’t want to do when seeing a Tommy Little performance, is turn up to the show late. Unfortunately for many of my fellow audience members, they suffered the wrath of Tommy, who gleefully named and shamed each and every one of them, no matter how hard their name was to pronounce.

If fairness to the latecomers, the normally stunning Forum Theatre is currently decked out like a construction site, with obtrusive temporary stadium seating just seemingly plonked on the main floor, which made it impossible for a latecomer to sneak into their seat, and it can’t have been great for performing. Visually, it wasn’t in great form. But enough about the venue, and more about Tommy.

There is a certain quality about the way Tommy commands the stage that makes you think he will continue to rise in status over the next few years. He is very much a ‘local’ comedian, making many references to our suburban class wars, and a fantastic gag about ‘Zone 2,’ that really only appeals to the Melbourne crowd.

Tommy loves a yarn, and he seems happy enough to get fired from jobs, as long as there is a killer story in it. His closing bit about his breakfast radio career, certainly fits that bill. But I’m not sure if it was the venue, or the audience, or if Tommy was just having a slightly off night, but the show just didn’t quite reach the heights that it seemed capable of.

Still a very good night out at the festival and many laughs to be had; the guy knows how to hit a punchline. As I said in my preview, get in and see Tommy before he gets too famous.



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Tommy Little - Dickhead
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