Back in the far distant ancient past of January 2020, the Holding Steadfast production team crammed a bunch of people into a small room, and had them breath all over each other for 5 days. Back then, we called it principle recording for our debut audio production The Web of Truth, but these days it would be a humanitarian crime.

Thankfully, post-production is quite suited to the isolation lifestyle, so we’ve been pushing ahead, and are still well within our original timeline. It’s still too early to give a release date, but I can safely say that it’s COMING SOON…

The production team would like to give a shout out to the talented team of voice actors who worked incredibly hard over the very busy and tightly-scheduled 5 days, and they all did it for nothing more than the love of fat stacks of hard cash. (And beer.) Cheers guys.

More updates to follow.

Click here for more information about the Web of Truth

Matt Caton

Matt is a freelance writer, content marketer, comedy geek and podcast evangelist

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