The Streaming Wars

Netflix vs. Stan vs. Presto. We run our eye over Australia’s ‘Big 3’ streaming services

The exciting and genre-changing new world of streaming television has officially been available in Australia since early 2015, which when you think about it, isn’t that long at all. Yet in the world of digital media and mobile apps, 18 months can be an entire product lifecycle. 18 months, can see a modern tech company rise, fall, be superseded, be acquired by somebody else and get a new branding makeover. So how have the domestic streaming products held up in their short (but long) life thus far? Are we getting anything close to the service that international viewers get? Have our domestic products come close to competing with the superpower of Netflix?

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Joe Rogan’s Double Double Header

After a period of much-deserved holiday, The Joe Rogan Experience bounced back with 4 massive episodes over two days.

Have you ever wondered how much Bulletproof coffee, kale smoothies, Alpha Brain, whiskey and weed you would need to produce 4 three-hour podcasts over two days? Well if you have, maybe you should ask Joe Rogan.

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AFL – Round 23 Review. It’s Over. Mostly.

Eagles 100 def Crows 71
This one was a shock. With Naitanui out injured, I didn’t expect the Eagles to be able to put one over on the Crows – who had a top 2 spot and home final to play for. Adelaide’s much vaunted forward line really didn’t fire a shot, as their midfield couldn’t provide them the service they needed – out worked by the likes of Priddis, Gaff, and Shuey – while journeyman ruckman Jonathan Giles, in just his third game for the season, gave big Sam Jacobs a touch up in the ruck. The Crows will now have to win 4 games in a row to win the flag – slipping to fifth, and an elimination final against the Kangaroos. The Crows have been the form team of the comp – but maybe they’ve had us all fooled. The Crows record against top 8 teams this season is not great. They’ve won 4 and lost 6 – and conceded more points against top 8 teams than all the other finalists except North Melbourne. There will be some who say this is the loss they needed to have before the finals – but I disagree. You would much prefer finishing second to fifth.

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AFL Round 22 – Mathematically Possible?

Just a quick review from me this week, as I start tapering for finals action. The 8 should now be set – with just final positions to be determined, though there is one Mathematically Possible chance remaining. I’ve done a few quick sums, and if North lose to the Giants by around 150 points and the Saints beat the Lions by about the same, the Saints can leapfrog the Roos into 8th spot.

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Mr. Robot – The best show you’ve never seen

Season 2 of The USA Networks’s surprising breakthrough hit Mr. Robot is pushing the boundaries of serialized story telling, but very few are getting to see it.

If you were lucky enough to get on board the Mr. Robot hype wagon last year, then you could probably relate to my frustration when you try to talk to other people about this show, and they ask you if it’s the movie with Will Smith and the I see dead people kid. USA Network is not exactly the most premium cable channel over in Trump-Land, and the ratings for this show have been steadily dropping since this year’s premiere, which were already down on last year’s finale. But here in Australia, it’s even more difficult to find other Mr Robot cultists to swoon with over this show with.

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REVIEW: Hardcore History – King of Kings III

Dan Carlin wraps up his Persian epic with a five hour marathon episode.

I’ve made the comparison before between a new Hardcore History episode, and your favourite band releasing a new album. Funnily enough, Carlin makes this same reference at the beginning of this episode, noting that this five hour conclusion to the King of Kings series, was akin to a band releasing a ‘double album.’

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