Joe Rogan’s Double Double Header

After a period of much-deserved holiday, The Joe Rogan Experience bounced back with 4 massive episodes over two days.

Have you ever wondered how much Bulletproof coffee, kale smoothies, Alpha Brain, whiskey and weed you would need to produce 4 three-hour podcasts over two days? Well if you have, maybe you should ask Joe Rogan.

Being that it’s the summer time, and with summer comes the holiday season, the JRE podcast feed had been coming up empty for quite a few weeks until this podcasting onslaught began. But Joe got back into the swing of things the only way he knows how; all out, and full throttle. The amount of content here was so substantial, that I’ve only just now got through it all. Each of these four guests was interesting in their own way, giving a rich variety of content over the four episodes.

#835 – Louis Theroux

The biggest name on the bill, Louis opened up proceedings by going into extreme depths about The Church of Scientology, specifically referring to his upcoming documentary about it. While they drift into other topics, this takes up the focus of the conversation and makes for a fascinating listen.

#836 – Hannibal Buress

Probably the most fun of the four podcasts, Hannibal brings the laughs, the stories and an ability to hammer through whiskey at an impressive rate. By the time this descends into Hannibal just trying to hype companies that he has stock in, it’s obvious that the time for podcasting is finished. Funnily enough, both Joe and Hannibal apparently joined Josh Zepps and Sam Harris straight after this for another podcast, one that features a rather frank discussion between Sam Harris and a very inebriated Hannibal. I look forward to hearing that if it ever makes it online.

#837 – Gad Saad

Gad is a guy I would never have heard about without the JRE, but as an evolutionary behavioural scientist who is known for applying evolutionary psychology to marketing and consumer behaviour, Gad is one hell of an entertaining guest. As a repeat guest and one of Rogan’s clear favourites , there is a level of comfortability and real chemistry between these two, and while I can’t really recall all of the topics Gad was discussing, I do remember it all being genuinely interesting to listen to.

#838 – Josh Zepps

Aussie-born Josh Zepps is doing quite well for himself in podcast land atm, and his now recurring spots here won’t be hurting his popularity or his twitter following. Josh discusses his first experience with ayahuasca, which was always going to be welcome here, before delving into the murky world of US politics. We also get to hear a little more about this Hannibal and Sam Harris argument, which I must admit… needs to be heard.

An incredible two days of podcasting from this medium’s best endurance athlete. Jump over to the JRE page to check these out for yourself.

Joe Rogan's Double Double Header
Article Name
Joe Rogan's Double Double Header
After a period of much-deserved holiday, The Joe Rogan Experience bounced back with 4 massive episodes over two days.
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